Welcome to Places of Charm!

My name is Miquel and I am a consultant and travel writer. A native of the beautiful city of Barcelona, over the past few years I have had the chance to live and work in a diversity of cities and countries, from Switzerland and The Netherlands, to Britain, Russia and beyond.

My work has been featured on some of the World’s top travel and aviation media, such as CNN, The Points Guy, Airways Magazine, AirInsight and Flightglobal, reaching a combined audience of millions globally.

The idea of starting this site came up after realizing that, while my work often takes me to interesting places around the World, only part of what I experience finally makes it way to the wider public through my media collaborations. There is usually quite a lot of interesting material I gather during my trips that for whatever the reason doesn’t get published.

So, why not share it with the World on an entirely new platform?

The result is a travel diary of sorts, where I will share the experiences of a thirty-something traveler as work and personal commitments take him to random, unexpected locations…

My focus here will be to write about those underreported destinations that are usually far from the spotlight or, in the case of better known places, to cover some very specific, unique angle that I hope will give new ideas to even the most avid of frequent travellers.

I will be sharing my own personal observations as well as some practical information and tips that I hope will be useful to fellow travellers.

Unless specified, all the pictures are mine.

I hope this site inspires your next travel adventures!